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Concept image of the "School Gym" Level Kit for the upcoming Supermoves game. The game has several Level Kits, from which players can build their own parkour park. Other aesthetics include e.g. a skate park and the rooftops of Singapore's skyscrapers.

Introducing Supermoves

Supermoves is a first person parkour game for PC and consoles where you and your friends run, jump and grind rails to glory.

Go head to head in CHASE TAG, reach the finish line before the RISING TIDE or race against a crowd of other players in ROYALE.

Make your own games and levels with our powerful tools – fully online with your friends with just your controller.

In Supermoves, you never stop running.

More details drop soon. Stay tuned.

We are revolutionizing user generated content

Makea Games is going to make it easier than ever to make your own content in games – with just your controller. Join us on our journey.

The Makea Games team in 2022.

Makea Games raises 1.3mil€ preseed funding round with Play Ventures

We’re extremely excited to share news of our preseed round led by Play Ventures. Read the press release to learn more about the round and our upcoming game Supermoves!

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Work with the latest technology

We are utilizing Unreal Engine 5 to develop a multiplayer universe with limitless potential. If you like ambition, we’ve got it. If you want a career, let’s talk!

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