The Power of Level Kits

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A fundamental design for Makea Games are Level Kits, which are like building blocks from a toy store that make up the world around you.

As every single level is made by players – using our Makea Editor UGC tools with just your controller – you can switch the aesthetics on any level if you so desire, with all parts and blocks available to use in any level, anywhere and on any platform. And the editor is so easy a 5 year old could make a level with it.

Today, we’re happy to announce we’ve got the first three Level Kits (School Gym, Plywood Park and Rooftops) of Supermoves functioning in-game and editable by players. This means it’s a completely online UGC portal of content with different aesthetics available instantly, fed to anywhere around the world on all supported and future platforms.

This means players can make anything from indoor parkour parks to decorating an entire cityscape, switching weathers and time of day at their will with real time lighting. Switching rules of the game to be anything from a sprint race to an entire ocean swallowing a city – or a friendly match of our all new Bomb Tag, which lets players chase each other with epic parkour moves as both runners and chasers.

This week? We’re testing it with over 200 people in a closed pre-alpha massively multiplayer session, allowing people to create together, remix levels together and parkour together in the whole scope of the Makeaverse.

In the future? It will fuel all game genres coming from Makea Games, from parkour to racing to shooting and beyond.

What is the future of creativity? We think it won’t require anything but your imagination.

We’re running closed pre-alpha sessions actively. If you’d like to come test it out, you only need to enter our Discord.

I hope to see you there.