Join the Supermoves Pre-Alpha - Makea Games First Anniversary News & Team Update

Join the Supermoves Pre-Alpha & Makea Games 1ˢᵗ Anniversary!

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Hello friends! We’ve got some great news to share.

We are celebrating our first anniversary!

We can’t believe it’s been a year since we started Makea Games! From five founders we have grown to a 12 strong team of game developers working together to build the Makeaverse – the plan to bring towards a revolution in how we make and play user generated content.

In October 2022, we closed our preseed funding round with Play Ventures. Since then, we’ve been scaling up the team and polishing our prototype for Supermoves, a first person parkour world where you can build anything and climb everywhere. It’s been a blast so far, and we can’t wait to get it in the hands of players. Scroll down to get a chance to play it yourself!

Concept art of a parkour runner in the world of Supermoves.
Concept art of a parkour runner in the world of Supermoves.

Come test Supermoves Pre-Alpha with us!

Interested to see what we’re working on? Supermoves is a first person single- and multiplayer parkour world where you pull off outrageous parkour moves, race against your rivals and build levels and games with just your controller. It has many gamemodes ranging from Sprint and Rising Tide to Bomb Tag, with many of these available already in playtesting builds.

Supermoves is powered by Level Kits, which you can think of like a box set of level props you can arrange in any way you want, set in distinct locales and featuring all your parkour fantasies. Everything from colorful jungle gyms to urbex warehouses can be visited – you can even soar on the Rooftops, a massive Level Kit featuring an entire city to play in.

We want to build this game together with the community, and any and all feedback is invaluable as we head towards the finish line. We’re keen to see the levels you create, the gamemodes you enjoy most and get your ideas for the coolest Level Kits so that we can build the ultimate parkour game.

 Rooftops is a massive Level Kit in Supermoves set on the rooftops of a beautiful cityscape.
Rooftops is a massive Level Kit in Supermoves set on the rooftops of a beautiful cityscape.

Joining the playtests couldn’t be simpler – we’ll give you a key to test the game out when you join our Discord server, sign some stuff and play with the development team! As of the time of writing, the next playtest is scheduled for Friday 24th of February 2023 at 18:00 UTC+2.

Remember, everything is a work in progress and you’re going to be bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement for the duration of the testing. We’re eager to see you check out what we’re building and hopefully join in for joint playtests to chat with the development team!

Speaking of…

Building up the Makea Games team

We are extremely pleased to welcome aboard new members to the Makea Games family!

Joona Peltola – Senior Gameplay Programmer

Taru Liukkonen – 3D Animator

Niko Mäkelä – Quality Assurance Lead

Pyry Takkunen – Game Designer

Jani Porkka – 2D & UI/UX Artist

As always, if you want to join our merry bunch, check out our available Careers! If a fully remote workplace, a parkour game where you never stop running and Unreal Engine 5 sounds like a great match for you, get in touch.

The next steps

We’re eager to iterate Supermoves together with our community – building Supermoves into the ultimate parkour game is our highest priority. Together with the powerful Makea Editor we can deliver one of the most customizable and accessible games on the market – a universe where everything can be built with just your controller.

Stay tuned for more news from the Makea Games team!

Never stop running and see you soon,

Tomi Toikka

CEO, Founder & Creative Director

Makea Games