Never Stop Running: Makea Games Introduces Supermoves, The Ultimate Parkour Party Game Armed With The Powerful Makea Editor

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First playable demo will be available in Steam Next Fest February 2024, with the full game coming to Steam PC 2024. Wishlist on Steam today!

Tampere, Finland – December 14, 2024 — Makea Games today announced Supermoves, an exhilarating parkour party game fusing together online multiplayer, deep movement mechanics and a powerful level editor, is slated for launch on PC in late 2024. Wishlist Supermoves today on Steam and join the Supermoves community on Discord to get involved in the action! 

Supermoves will be featured as a playable multiplayer demo in the Steam Next Fest in February 2024, promising an adrenaline-fueled single and multiplayer action adventure that will transform how gamers experience multiplayer party games and user-generated content (UGC).

Race against up to 40 other players to scramble up obstacle courses in parkour competitions.

Playable with up to 40 players at once in pulse-pounding multiplayer freerunning action, Supermoves is the ultimate parkour party game with eight exciting game modes, as well as a robust single-player Career Mode with epic rewards and replayability. Supermoves features a wide variety of deep movement mechanics, including the quintessential “supermoves,” such as performing precarious handstands and grinding on rails or wallrunning on various obstacles. Failure comes at a price, however, as deadly obstacles such as hungry sharks and suffocating ballpits await you whilst you try to pull off that ultimate trampoline backflip. 

Tomi Toikka, CEO, Founder & Creative Director of Makea Games, expresses his enthusiasm for Supermoves’ unique genre blend. “We were really inspired by the arcade skateboarding games of the 00’s and wanted to combine that with thrilling first person parkour. Supermoves is all about the shared thrill of conquering challenges with friends, showcasing the DNA of party games mixed with breakneck parkour movement and epic moves. Our game celebrates the art of parkour, allowing players to showcase their acrobatic skills and creativity.”

The crowd goes wild in the Supermoves Stadium, one of the many immersive Level Kits the players can build and compete in.

On the Rooftops, two parkour competitors are chasing each other in the Bomb Tag game mode.

Supermoves also features an extremely powerful but easy-to-use level editor called the Makea Editor, which allows any player to join up and build levels with just a controller. The Makea Editor is integrated into play and can be invoked with a flick of a switch inside the game.

”The Makea Editor is immensely powerful. It allows you to change the time of day, carve holes in the walls, place any gameplay object directly into the scene and build anything into any game mode in full online multiplayer. Every single level in this game has been made with the in-game level editor, which is a core part of the experience; you can remix and share your creations and explore them with friends and other players in-game at any time”, Toikka explains.

The Makea Editor in action. Players can make any level they wish with just a controller, while online with friends.

Please visit to wishlist Supermoves today. Supermoves will be available to play in an exclusive Steam Next Fest demo in February 2024, with the full game slated for release in 2024.

Supermoves tournaments and royales are composed of player-made levels, like this one set on the Ocean Level Kit.

Key Features of Supermoves:

🏃🏆 First & Third Person Immersive Parkour

Soar through skylines with both first & third person immersive parkour mechanics. Grind on your feet across rails, trapeze on high wires, wallrun, kong, scramble, and pull off epic backflips and frontflips on trampolines. Supermoves combines arcade elements with thrilling immersive parkour freerunning, both in single- and multiplayer in multiple game modes.

🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ Massive Multiplayer Online Running

Face up to 40 players online in heart-stopping competitions, including braving the ever-rising ball pit in Rising Tide, the brutal Sprint and Circuit, or pulse-pounding Bomb Tag. Mix and match your experience in over 8 game modes, including the fan-favorite Obstacle Course and the nostalgic Loot mode. Chain them together into a playlist-based Royale or Tournament, eliminating the opposition to declare yourself the true winner!

👟🥇 Become the Ultimate Parkour Master

Supermoves features a full single-player Career Mode with deep replay value. After a tragic fall, you must rise again as a contender in the Supermoves Parkour Championships. Complete objectives in places like the School Gym, Rooftops, Plywood Park, Flatlands, and beyond. Can you climb the ranks and become the ultimate freerunner?

🏗️🛠️ Make Your Own Levels, Games & More

Powered by the Makea Editor, every level is crafted using easy-to-place blocks, allowing you to assemble your ultimate parkour races, game shows, obstacle courses, or chill-out spots. Remix any level you find and play them online or offline – the editor can be booted up at any time, and you can use it with your friends online, simultaneously. Share your best levels and make it all your own – the sky’s the limit!

Slide for speed against trapezing competitors as you head for the finish line.

Join the movement and wishlist Supermoves on Steam today, and get ready for the full PC release on Steam next year!

For more information, visit the game’s Steam Store Page at or contact Join the Supermoves Discord at

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