Celebrating Two Years of Makea Games

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This week Makea Games turns 2 years old! We’ve grown dramatically since our inception in February 2022, not only in headcount (from 5 founders to 18 employees!) but also in ambition. Our very first title Supermoves will release this year to Steam on PC, and we are delighted to announce that we’re opening up our testing to all of the players eagerly anticipating the game this Monday 5th of February.

Beginning February 5th, in the Open Steam Playtest, the entire game is playable in full online multiplayer (up to 40 players!) and even features a preview of the first level of our Career Mode. This new build of the game features many new features, including an all-new Level Kit – the Supermoves Stadium – and a completely overhauled movement engine. We’re also opening up servers in both US West and US East, so more people can get to play the ultimate parkour party game.

Running in tandem with Steam Next Fest, we’re also launching a small free season pass – The Tech Test Season – which gives players 9 unique cosmetic unlocks for their characters, available free permanently for all who participate! Complete daily and weekly challenges throughout the next two weeks to unlock them.

To get in on the insane freerunning action, just head to the Supermoves Steam Store Page and tap “Join Playtest” to be placed into the queue. Once we’re live, you’ll get a notification and can download and play the game right away from Steam next Monday!

To read more about Supermoves, visit https://supermovesgame.com. To read all about the upcoming Tech Test Season, read the update notes on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1959580/view/4052745101541690611?l=english